The production team was founded in 2000 as a Primary Agricultural Cooperative Organisation.


   Chair of the partnership is the City Kountoura Kantanos-schilling, which is located 7.2 km west of Paleochora on the south coast of Chania and is approximately 80.7 kilometers from the city of Chania.

   The purpose of the establishment of the Rural Partnership is to coordinate and schedule the production of vegetables in our region as well as the concentration of production and marketing. Today members of our group grow about 400 acres of a total 1,600 acres are in the area of ​​Kountoura.

   The output of our members exclusively horticulture under glass (greenhouse). Of these the largest volume of production for tomatoes, about 66%. Also cucumbers grown 16%, pepper 15%, and eggplant to 3%.

   The whole production is under the Integrated Administration and complies with quality standards Agro 2.1 & Agro 2.2., In addition to our agricultural production is certified and GLOBALG.AP

   H Group Producers of Agricultural Producers Association of Horticultural Kountoura proprietary packaging has 1,000 sq.m. which is certified with ISO 22000:2005. Our facilities are equipped with the most modern equipment receipt, sorting, packing, and preservation of vegetables.

The Group